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This week, Heneral Luna expanded to over 40 theaters in the United States. The reception has been positive so far with a few choice publications voicing out their opinions about the film. Here are some choice quotes from American publications:











After our series of successful screenings in Australia, we’ve received a letter from Bradley Jackson, a young man who spent most of his life in Australia. Seeing the film allowed Jackson to gain insight about his roots and history. This is what he had to say in his letter:


Seeing the very-human portrayal of Luna in the film was incredibly refreshing. Often a biopic ignores flawed and controversial depictions of a figure, in exchange for a more heroic, larger-than-life portrayal. It was fascinating to see Luna bombarded with constant adversity from both allies and enemies, and in turn responding to this with his trademark aggression. The emotional depth of the Heneral, portrayed in Jerrold Tarog’s film, was far from what myself in my rental military costume had anticipated. Despite his colourful personality, his heroic aspects are not overlooked either. Luna is depicted as an incredibly competent leader – arguably singlehandedly responsible for the successes in the campaign against the United States. Another refreshing aspect of Tarog’s film was the controversial portrayal of the Aguinaldo administration. As someone who has not been raised fully within Filipino culture, I’ve always assumed that Pinoys held strong patriotic reverence towards all historical Filipino figures. To see Aguinaldo’s government appear as indecisive and even treacherous was quite an interesting interpretation to explore. Heneral Luna was able to provide me great insight on a period of history I’m very unfamiliar with. In fact, it has compelled me to learn further about it. The movie was well-produced and its action scenes would fit well alongside other films such as Saving Private Ryan. There are apparently discussions in the works of potential sequels featuring del Pilar and Quezon, which I certainly will be looking forward to viewing.


To keep the Australian audiences entertained, Bradley even dressed up as Heneral Luna:


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Over at Instagram, we’ve even got audience reactions from our beloved followers:



We definitely love hearing from you! Please share with us your reactions (positive or even violent!) about the film. If the film roused something inside of you, share it to your friends and followers! Let us know how you feel by using the hashtags #HeneralLuna and #HeneralLunaInUSA and keep the discussion alive!



HENERAL LUNA is now on its SECOND WEEK in New York and New Jersey and we’re opening in 40 more theaters across the United States! Check out the complete list of theaters and showtimes in this post and share it with your loved ones abroad. Invite your friends and families living in America to be part of the revolution!

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