Heneral Luna in Berlin – The First Reel: Philippine Film Festival

December 10, 2015 10:06 am Leave a Comment

HENERAL LUNA made its rousing debut in Berlin last month during The First Reel: Philippine Film Festival Berlin, a one-of-a-kind independent film festival that aims to showcase the best emerging directors and recent Filipino films.




Trinka Lat was one of the Filipinos in attendance during the Heneral Luna screening and she recounts how the crowd embraced the film:


“We welcomed guests who had come all the way from Bremen, Frankfurt and even Rome to catch the film. It was exciting to be part of the theater crowd. People were laughing and gasping at certain parts of the film. A lot of people came up to us, thanked us for screening the film.





We went around asking people what they thought and a lot of people were saying “Ang lungkot”; “We do it to ourselves”; “Hanggang ngayon lahat yan nangyayari” etc. I told some of them that [Artikulo Uno┬áis] planning to do a trilogy and they all got excited about that as well. Everyone stayed a good two hours in the lobby, animatedly discussing the film and why we shoot ourselves in the foot; and it was nice to see everyone celebrating just being Pinoy.




So! Everyone’s curiosity finally got satisfied and we’re extremely thankful that you guys supported our little DIY festival and feel extremely lucky that we had the independent Kino Moviemento on our team, who helped push this journey along. We’re looking forward to mounting next year’s festival and are already in the planning stages.”



We would like to thank Ms. Trinka Lat for the good news from Berlin and Myls Rubio for the photos.



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