A letter from Team #HeneralLuna

October 28, 2015 7:30 pm Leave a Comment

To all our fans, followers, friends, and supporters (especially the Luna-ticos):

Please join us tomorrow, October 29th, as we commemorate Heneral Antonio Luna’s 149th birthday! Celebrate with us by putting in a kind word or a good deed to any of your friends, family and countrymen (Bayan Muna, Viva Luna)! Make a post about the Heneral’s influence and link it to our Facebook page. Or you and your friends can come up with anything creative that pays tribute to Heneral Luna and the Filipino spirit! Or you can watch the film for the first time or the nth time at any of the theaters that are still playing “Heneral Luna” on its 8th record-breaking week! (At Powerplant Rockwell, they’re playing the version with English subtitles!)


Or you can spread the word to your family and friends in America that the movie will be opening this Friday (Oct. 30th) in New York and New Jersey, and in cities across the USA on November 6th. Or simply take a bite of ensaymada in place of a birthday cake. (We strongly recommend that you rush to the nearest Muhlach Ensaymada!) That should sweeten up the ensay-madness of this maddeningly happy occasion!


Thank you once again for your applause, support, and enthusiasm! You’ve been nothing short of phenomenal! Cheers to the hero who chose his country first above himself!


The ‪#‎HeneralLuna‬ Team



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