5 Heneral-approved fan made shirts (and where to get them)

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The film Heneral Luna definitely became a big inspiration among those who have seen it. From countless fan art created every day since we opened in September to stickers that are being sold in pop-up stores and art markets, the spirit of Heneral Luna comes alive even more thanks to the people who took the film and made it into their own.


Here are FIVE of the coolest Heneral Luna-inspired t-shirts that you can purchase from these amazing creatives:


1. The 175’s HENERAL LUNA Wear Your Wika Line
(Purchase it here)

THE 175 c THE 175 a THE 175 b


2. TintaPH’s Heneral Luna typography shirts
(Check them out!)tintaph tintaph2


3. RHOB Designs’ Rusca shirt
(Wear your ensaymada here!)



4. Chycotypism’s Heneral Luna line
(Type mo? Buy here!)



5. Aaron Escarez’s back-to-back Heneral
(Bullet wounds not included)

Aaron Escarez2


HENERAL LUNA is now on its SECOND WEEK in New York and New Jersey and we’re opening in 40 more theaters across the United States! Check out the complete list of theaters and showtimes in this post and share it with your loved ones abroad. Invite your friends and families living in America to be part of the revolution!

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